How to Add Plugins

The family of servers have been configured with a variety of plugins, many of which were experiments built to test the plugin concepts. User-oriented documentation is included in the server's how-to pages.

Every paragraph-like item in the page's story has a type field that says how it should be displayed.

We describe how to choose from available plugins and how to increase those available.

A copy of the How to Wiki index page is included with the default pages built into most server distributions. This expedient elevates this server (farm) specific documentation to a level it doesn't deserve.

The Choose Plugins page serves as a menu of plugins that supplements the Factory Plugin Menu. The page lists the About page for each plugin available. The about page itself will have an example of the plugin that can be copied. This "prototype" approach substitutes for a more general "instantiation" mechanism.

Plugins contain Plugin Documentation pages that describe capabilities, explain specialized markup, and include examples of usefully configured examples. A page titled "About {type} Plugin" provides an overview where {type} is the capitalized type name for the plugin.