Transferring Plugins

We distribute a popular configuration of federated wiki and prefer to manage the source and package distribution of the plugins it contains.

Create an issue to discuss the advisability of the transfer. You should have sites using the plugin, an npm package for the plugin and a github repo for the package. Include pointers to all of these.

# github

We maintain an organization called 'fedwiki'. github

You are presumably the owner of the upstream repo for the plugin. Follow the instructions for transferring it. github

If asked, transfer it to 'owners' and 'administrators' of the fedwiki organization.


We do not maintain an organization but rather request that our individual npm user names be added to a contributed npm package as owners. npm

paul90, nrn, ward

# workflow

After transferring a plugin you will be expected to follow our documented workflows. github

Expect some adjustments in source, build and packaging for consistency with other plugins.

Please helpfully engage other contributors in issues, fixes, reviewing pull-requests and ongoing development.